With a history of over 1000 years,Hair-embroidery skill originated from Tang Dynasty,when Buddhism was widely spread.

Completing a Hair- emabriidery work needs complicated teachnolodgy and a  large manpower and material resources.

Carefully choose natural hair of young girls,use these instead of silk thread; apply tens of kinds of stitches such as binding winding, interlinking,connecting,cutting knotting and empty and full stitch. In order to reach the most wonderful artistic state : flat,neat,fine,thick,thick,even and orderly,thin soft,smooth,and bright.Hair-embroidery work enjoys high reputation,excellet material,exquisite workmanship,elegant,simple and unsophisticated style, and high artistic value.So lots of friends insight both at home and abroad contend to purchase and collect the work of art-Hair-Embroidery,which may be rated as “Unique skill under the Heaven”.